NBC Sees the Future

I went to nbc.com today and given the amount of content that I'm sure is always fighting for space on the homepage, it's actually pretty well done. However, there was something there today that I thought was pretty funny. Right above their usual "what's on tonight" ticker,

is a little teaser of their upcoming online plans:

which then links through to this wicked-awesome bundle of things that you and your friends from the future will be able to do with the the help of the NBC Corporation:

"Hey all my buddies, come and check out my personalized profile ... and don't forget the widgets!!"

It's like someone went to a social networking seminar and when they got the handout at the end, went straight for the Glossary page at the back :-)

Now, I know that more and more marketers are looking for ways to benefit from social media, and kudos to NBC for giving it their own kick at the can. I just found this thing kind of cute, and a little sad. You can almost see the boardroom meeting at the head office:

"So, does anybody know what the kids are into these days?"
"Social networking, sir."
"Great, let's get some of it ... and tell them it's coming soon!"

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wazaroff said...

Why not just tap into the tremendous interest in TV shows on existing social networks? Do people really want another username/password?